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How to Select the Right Chatbot Platform: 3 Considerations

Bots are increasingly playing a bigger role in enhancing the user experience for people browsing the net, playing computer games, or just chatting. These artificial intelligence apps are serving as virtual assistants in numerous unprecedented ways. The creation of more productive bots that provide a natural user experience promises a broad spectrum of benefits and applications to end users in the consumer domain as well as the business software development space. But a bot builder is needed in the creation of such smart, naturally conversational solutions. Below are some meaningful considerations in the selection of the perfect bot platform:


Fundamental Robust Understanding


In order to satisfy enterprise applications involving high-value business opportunities as well as time-sensitive undertakings each day, it's vital that the enterprise bots being implemented understands the intention in a user's input in an almost seamless manner. At the same time, a level of robustness and adaptation to spelling and capitalization errors should also be achieved to cater to the typical design of a text-based user interface.


In other words, any perfect Bot Interactions framework should provide for the proper handling of user input mistakes related to keywords, with the capability to acknowledge entities such as countries even when they're misspelled or incorrectly capitalized. The framework must allow for proper time parsing in order to match the way humans naturally speak or write.


Pre-Built Functions and Entities


There are basic data elements that enterprise applications usually utilize, such as currencies, dates, temperature, location etc. As such, it makes sense that one uniform provision for the majority of bot platforms is built-in entities. These functions make it easier to collect information, and let programmers extract information that a user supplies via a text messaging app or voice input. Prebuilt entities are great for developers to have because they eliminate tons of tasks from their hands. Visit this Bot Store here!


Building New Custom Entities and Domains


While there are general functions and entities that different enterprises may share, some business applications have a very specific focus. That requires bot developers to have the leeway to incorporate specific intents and ways of doing business depending on the application at hand. In turn, the developers need bot frameworks that let them create their own terminology, entities, and intents.


For sure, the most ideal bot platform should have the capabilities to help developers easily create the most natural user experience possible for consumer application as well as within enterprise scenarios.