Bot Creation Sites

Using Bots to Build Websites

Are you looking for a way to build a business directory but do not want to deal with the complex programming that may be required? If so, you should get a bot. A bot is simply a program that can handle repetitious tasks based on the settings or commands it has been given. Some of the tasks you can accomplish with a bot include:


o  Generation, editing and deleting of pages

o  Creation and deletion of accounts

o  Validating user information

o  Uploading content (images, audio, videos, etc

o  Assigning privileges to accounts 


Using Dashboard bot will not only save you time, but also ensure the work is done accurately. Building a site that has a few pages is easy. For example, if you are building a website with 10 pages, you can accomplish the task in a day. However, what if you have to build a website with one million pages? Building these large number of pages can take you months to complete. Moreover, editing them will take even more time. And this is where a bot comes it.


Benefits of Free Bot Builders

There are different types of Bot Directory in the market. You should know the project you wish to build to know which bot to go for. The bots are built by different programmers.  Some bots are available for free while others come require a paid license to use. Most programmers offer free trials of their bots. This is done to enable you check their capability. The free bots usually come with a number of limitations. For example, if you purchase an account creation bot, there may be a limit to the number of accounts the free version can create in a day. Some functions may also disabled in the free bot.


You may also come across free fully functional bots. These bots usually accomplish simple task such as conversion of images from one forma to another, extraction of data from spreadsheets and so on. These bots are easy to find online. You simply need to search for the activity you would like done and add the word "bot" to it on your favorite search engine.


If you want a custom bot, you can hire a programmer to make one for you. Most bot programmers care found ate the leading bot forums on the internet. However, you can also find programmer that can make the bot you would like at freelancer websites. Make sure you vet any programmer you would like to hire to make your bot.